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What Sisk can do with your overages of material

By February 25, 2013June 27th, 2018No Comments

Whenever there are overages of items that could be used in shelters, schools, overseas U.S. troops, etc. we will organize getting that material to those areas for our clients. We are very active in getting clients to donate so it does not end up in the landfill. Items like; hygiene, clothing, books, etc. Example: We can ship hygiene products and t-shirts through the Red Cross. Whenever there is a disaster we pull through the stock we have asked clients to let us hold onto just for this purpose. We work closely with Red Cross & United Way across the country to get discarded items out to areas that could benefit. Items that are more for comfort than necessity are stuffed animals that we have been able to get into areas that have been hit by a tragedy.

In December 2012 we were able to donate client material. This is material that had to be discarded but did not end up in the landfill. We donated: 42,374 Stuffed animals on 87 pallets, 3,775 T-Shirts (1,944 lbs.). An additional 183 tons of material went to our partners in the recycle business and we recycled 2 pallets of electronics for the e-cycling event. Let us help you recycle or reuse your unwanted materials here at Sisk.