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Travel Back Through Time with Sisk Fulfillment!

By October 3, 2013June 27th, 2018No Comments

Celebrating 30 Years!!!

Travel Back Through Time with Sisk Fulfillment!

On Oct. 3 1983 Sisk Fulfillment Service opened for business renting space in a small commercial building in Federalsburg. In 1985 we moved to our current location in the Industrial Park. Since 1985 we have added an additional 78,000 sq. feet of warehouse space, bringing out total space to 108,000 square feet.

From the Rubik’s Cube to Pop Rocks to Big League Chew to Shutter Shades to Wacky Wall Walkers we’re covering all the fads and trends of the year 1983, the year Sisk Fulfillment opened its doors.

 The Rubik’s Cube – Originally, Professor Erno Rubik designed the small puzzle as a way of teaching his students about three dimensional objects. When the toy manufacturer Ideal Toys contracted with him to produce it in the United States, the cube sales and popularity skyrocketed. The 42 quintillion combinations kept us guessing, until we figured out how to take them apart.

In 1983 McDonald’s first introduced chicken McNuggets

Ocean Spray turned the world onto drink boxes for the very first time.

In 1983 Baltimore Orioles won the World Series and the Washington Redskins were crowned Super Bowl Champions. 1983 was an awesome sports year for Maryland!

During the 80’s people were flocking to theaters to see movies like Return of the Jedi, Terms of Endearment, Flashdance, Trading Places, Beetlejuice, Breakfast Club and Goonies while listening to Culture Club, Run DMC, New Kids on the Block, Duran Duran, Loverboy and most of all Michael Jackson’s Thriller on the radio and on cassette tapes. Let’s not forget our homemade “mix tapes”!

Who could forget watching Mash and the Cosby Show on TV but best of all Sisk Fulfillment started on the journey to provide outstanding service for worldwide shipping needs! World Wildlife Fund was one of our original clients and is still going strong with us today! Our business has changed and grown drastically since 1983 and we are very proud of what we can offer our clients.  Our business has evolved to what it is today because of our growing list of awesome clients.  When their business model changes we change ours to give them outstanding service. We thank our current clients and our past clients for trusting us with your mailings, fulfillment programs and projects.

During the month of October we celebrated with cake, ice cream, donuts, pizza, every Thursday was “Throwback Thursday”, Friday’s were Purple Friday’s, we supported breast cancer having a PINK day, we had fun with crossword puzzles, guessing game, bowling, Sisk Spirit Day & PLINKO for cash.  We dug into our archives and shared photos & items from the 80’s, wow that was definitely traveling back in time!  On the last day we had an employee drawing and along with the above memorabilia there were cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.  Employees who participated in the activities throughout the month had their name entered for the drawing.  The more they participated the more times their name was entered.  It was fun and easy and we all had a great time celebrating our 30 years!