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Sisk Fulfillment earns two important Industry Accreditations

By November 20, 2012June 27th, 2018No Comments

Federalsburg, MD, November 19, 2012 – Sisk Fulfillment is proud to announce its recent award of not one, but two important industry accreditations: the Sustainability Accreditation and Fulfillment Accreditation. Both are offered by MFSA, the premier mailing and fulfillment industry organization.

“These accreditations are particularly tailored to the mailing and fulfillment industry, and include some very comprehensive criteria to attain prior to being approved,” says Bill Stevenson, Director of Communications and Marketing for MFSA. ““Sisk did a superb job of addressing every criteria in the program. The Auditor commented that this was a very organized submittal and the onsite audits went very smooth,” he remarked.

MFSA Sustainability Accreditation is awarded to companies that meet a set of criteria for ‘practices and procedures in managing resources to promote environmental sustainability.’ MFSA’s industry experts developed criteria consisting of 33 elements (9 required, 24 supplemental) in these areas:

• General Policies
• Materials and Materials Handling
• Production and Mailing
• Recycling
• Utilities Management
• Environmental Savings and Initiatives

“As a mailing and fulfillment service provider, we’re committed to protecting the environment and natural resources,” says Mikie Phillips, President of Sisk Fulfillment. “For years, we have been reducing, reusing or recycling packaging material, production material, print consumables, and other items. We also assist our customers in selecting environmentally conscious mailing and fulfillment services. This accreditation gives our customers the assurances they want when choosing Sisk as their fulfillment organization,” she asserts.

Fulfillment Operations
Sisk Fulfillment also received the prestigious Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association accreditation. This program was in development for seven years by fulfillment industry leaders to help companies assess overall fulfillment operations. The accreditation criteria are based on 168 unique industry elements, and the accredited companies have an obligation to uphold the highest business standards in the fulfillment community.

MFSA asserts that ‘The companies that comply with the stringent criteria will be recognized by the industry and customers as being part of a new class of companies who understand the value of world-class inventory control and accuracy, have a focus on quality and a proven continuous improvement plan, believe in training their employees at all levels, are contributing members of the fulfillment community and uphold the highest business standards in the industry.’

“We believe that the combination of these two accreditations will make our company stand out far above the competition in the fulfillment industry,” notes Phillips.

Criteria for both accreditations can be found at

About Sisk Fulfillment Service
Sisk Fulfillment Service was founded in 1983 and offers services to publishers, not-for-profits, charities and F1000 businesses. Their fulfillment solutions help clients convey their message and brand in the most timely and attractive manner. With custom programs and packaging solutions, Sisk has developed automated processes in production to handle large volumes efficiently and affordably. When you choose Sisk, you get the personalized customer service, attention to detail and flexibility of a small company, with the efficiency, high volume capability and competitiveness of a very large company. The company is located in Federalsburg Maryland.

About MFSA
Sisk has been a member of the Mailing & Fulfillment Services Association since 1984. On January 1, 2013, MFSA will relocate their offices and then operate as the newly named Association of Marketing Service Providers, based upon a three-year strategic planning session that concluded in October 2012.