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Sisk employees embrace “Body, Mind & Soul” Challenge

By June 7, 2011June 27th, 2018No Comments

June 1st – Sisk employees started their “Body, Mind & Soul” Challenge. The challenges runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Participating employees signed up got weighed and then drew for their team partner. A total of 20 people signed up, or 10 teams. Teams compete against each other for one winning team and an individual winner at the end. The winner has to lose weight and do challenges specified weekly. There is money in a pot, which increases weekly from each participant who does not perform their challenge – or who gains weight.

Sisk’s Body, Mind and Soul team winners will be the team with the highest combined percentage of weight lost and percentage of challenges completed. The winning team will win all of the money in the jar. As an incentive the company offers to match the money in the jar or give 4 vacation hours per person if the team loses 5% of their starting weight!