Customer Service is our #1 Priority.

When you’ve been in business for over 30 years, your longevity can be attributed to a lot of things. Integrity. Commitment. Superb Service. Technical know-how.

When you choose Sisk for your fulfillment program or project, you get that and more. You get the assurance that your job will be handled with personal care and accuracy. You get the satisfaction of a program that works like clockwork- every time. And you have the security of knowing your job is in good hands.

That is our promise to you.

Relax, Your job is at Sisk.

Judge us not by our words, but by the companies who keep us.


Experienced, personal and attentive service.

Our people make the difference. They are experienced in doing projects of all shapes and sizes. They’ve “done it” and “seen it” all! They’re attentive to detail. Our staff is highly tenured throughout our entire organization: in customer service, production, warehousing and management. Your job will never be handed off to a “rookie.”

Sisk employees are caring, concerned men and women who want to do a good job for you. Simply put, you will not find a better staff to entrust with your work.

We’re proud of our people!


Great location. High volume capability.

Our customers have found that our location is well placed to receive and ship nationwide.

With our location on the East Coast in Federalsburg, MD, we’re central to the major airports in Baltimore, Philadelphia & Washington, D.C. We are also easily accessed by major trucking arteries heading north, south, east & west, as well as marine terminals in Baltimore, MD, Norfolk, VA and New York, NY. We use multiple carriers for shipping, so you can take advantage of the best rates.

Fulfillment is a space intensive operation. At Sisk, we operate a clean, modern, temperature & humidity controlled and efficient 108,000 square foot facility. Our capacity allows us to handle fulfillment programs of any size- efficiently. We protect the integrity of your material throughout our entire process, so that the impression you intended is the one that is fulfilled to your members/customers.

Some quick facts:

108,000 square feet + additional offsite storage

Temperature & Humidity Controlled

Handle projects of ANY size

Central East Coast Location

Close to 3 Major Airports

Near Major Trucking Arteries

Multi-carrier Shipping


We’ve invested heavily in our systems and our technology, and we’re proud to offer you the benefits.

Web-based Inventory Management: Our clients rely on Sisk’s state-of-the-art order entry and inventory management system. It gives you access to real-time inventory levels and reporting such as quantity-on-hand, activity & usage by date range, re-order points, components for kit set-ups and backordered items. (Any of these reports can be downloaded into Excel.)

You have access to tracking information from your order screen directly to the carriers. We also provide a variety of automated email notifications to assist you in monitoring the progress of your orders and managing your inventory.

Sisk’s Efficient Warehouse Management systems include a Wireless Network & Bar-coded Inventory Management: Using hand-held barcode scanners to pull product ensures the accuracy of the pulling/picking operation, controls the movement of products throughout our warehouse- in real-time, and allows you to log-in and monitor the status of your orders/jobs in progress.

Web-based Order Entry: Your internal and external reps have the ability to place orders directly into our system for fulfillment. We can create and manage a “shopping cart” style order web site for you, your customers or members to order products & literature directly. Placing the orders directly into the system that manages the inventory and processes the orders saves time, while allowing the order to reach its destination sooner.

Postal Presort Software: Processing your data files through industry leading postal presort software assures that you will be mailing clean addresses that will get delivered, while reducing returns for inadequate addresses and receiving the maximum postal discounts available.

We move things in real time and let you see their status. As a Sisk client, you can log in and check the status of your jobs and orders. You can view your inventory status at any time. You can track shipments all the way out to the carrier. Now that’s service!


This is how we meet and exceed expectations, time and time again.

With years of experience in projects and programs similar to yours, but all of them unique in their own way, we have developed flexible processes that work for every size and type of program that comes our way.

We’ve captured the similarities among programs and developed a series of best practices that make your jobs run more efficiently. From the time your file hits IT, to Customer Service, Warehouse and finally Production, these processes allow us to meet or exceed your expectations. For instance:

File processing: All files are coordinated with your Sisk Account Executive and our IT Department. We will receive files and process them for Postal Pre-sorts based on your mailing instructions, or for parcel shipments through various carriers.

OMS: Files are then imported into our Order and Inventory Management system, where the order is created, inventory adjusted, warehouse pull sheets and production worksheets are generated. Order status & tracking as well as inventory levels and activity are available via the web in real time. Several automated e-mail notifications are available to you to assist you in managing your inventory and order shipments or mailings.

Variable Data Print and Personalization: We can manage and manipulate your files with 100% accuracy to produce the exact personalized communication you require. Whether it’s personalized letters, replies, member cards or certificates, we can produce it.

Production: Tried and true processes practiced throughout our warehouse and production operations allow us to handle the largest or smallest jobs in a uniform and orderly fashion. On time and accurate. Meeting or exceeding your expectations is our commitment to you.

Pick-n-Pack: We use a 3 step process for Quality Control. We maintain three cross-trained groups of individuals, each with specific expertise.

In each step we are verifying the correct quantity and accuracy of the item, including color, size and other details.

When you need accuracy, you need Sisk.


It’s all about Trust.

From Fortune 500 national accounts to smaller regional accounts, both for-profit and non-profit, our client list includes world class brands and nationally known charitable organizations. Our clients trust us to deliver their brand and image exactly the way they intended it: Professionally. Accurately. Efficiently. Timely.

We’re proud to do work for:

Two of the world’s most prestigious Automobile Manufacturers.
An International Television Network.
National and Regional Magazines.
Some of the largest Membership Organizations in the world.
International Newsletter Publishing Companies.
Worldwide and Regional Non-profit Charity Organizations
Dietary Supplement Companies